February 27, 2010

Beauty and a rose

I stared with bright-wide eyes at the beautiful rose underneath my window. Its velvety red petals perfectly surrounded its centre, opening, each new day, to reveal its awesome beauty. I couldn't very well leave it outside. I couldn't just ignore its beauty. No, instead i needed it by my side to marvel at it.
-The first day it stared at me proudly with its smooth, perfect petals.
-The second day it opened a little further much to my delight and admiration. Each time i passed it i would stop to smell it, and to proclaim the praises of my Creator who had created something this beautiful.
-The third day i was used to it. i noticed it less and less and didn't stop to admire, nor to smell it.
-By the fifth day my perfectly beautiful rose had begun wilting, increasingly losing its appeal.
-And by the sixth day, the once splendid and exquisite rose was reduced to nothing more than a stem with a few dying petals.

This is life, this is beauty...

Beauty will fade, that is a certainty; but knowledge, imaan, and good character- only improves with time.
Think about it then, which is a better investment?

image from: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7531414

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