February 7, 2010

No Apologies

You know I can understand when non-Muslim women question the way in which we dress. I understand that they cannot fathom why we would cover our hair and why we would wear modest clothing; I get that. What I don’t get is when our own Muslim sisters question it. Worse still is when older Muslim women, women who should know better, throw around remarks like “you’ll never get a husband.”

I started wearing hijaab when I was 15 years old. I was young, still in high school, and still concerned with my looks. So, at that time, it really wasn’t very easy. My so called friends didn’t want to be my friends anymore (Alhamdulillah, I found better ones); and as for boys liking me; well that went down dramatically since I was clearly no longer appealing. (That was better for me too...) The thing is that when you make a decision, when Your Allah guides you- well then nobody else really matters.

When you’re young, people have certain expectations of what you should be like: you should go out a lot; you should be ‘young, hip and modern’; you should be fashionable. When you choose not to fit into this mould, into this box; well then people begin to get hostile. Then you’re bound to hear comments like “Shame, you’re such a good girl” (said in an ever- so-condescending term); or “how will you ever find a husband?” All of this probably makes it that much harder for someone who is trying to get closer to Allah. So for all those sisters out there; sisters who, despite the consensus, are trying to do what they know their Allah will be pleased with; well for you I say- do it with no apologies!

-To all those aunties who belittle the beautiful young women who are trying to be modest, well for them- no apologies!
-To all those men out there who would turn a woman down because she covers her head, for you- no apologies!
-And to all those people who make muslimahs feel inadequate because they choose to cover their hair or faces, for you we make no apologies.

Even if its tough, even if people look at you're differently; even if you're only one among the many; stand tall; be proud and make no apologies.
May Allah make it easy for all of us Insha-Allah. Ameen

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