February 23, 2010

Friendly friends or friendly foes

You know how mothers always say: “Friends are not important”, well to youngsters- they are! Sometimes a friend is what keeps you going and the thought of school or work without friends- well that’s just dreadful! But are your friends friendly friends or rather friendly foes?

Sometimes you get the friend who’s just your friend so that she can show off and boast. You know, she’s the one who’s got to make a point of mentioning all the goodies that daddy dearest bought for her. Anything you’ve got is not good enough and anything concerning you is just not interesting enough for her. Sometimes when you're around her your life seems small and inadequate. Friends like her, well they not really friends at all and you probably better off without her.

Then there’s the friend who loooves to gossip. Oh, she’ll be by your side and pretend to share your problems, but the minute you turn your back she’ll be telling all your problems to anyone who is willing to listen (which is usually everyone!). Its not even just you, she spreads gossip all over, relaying everybody’s secrets to everybody else. So how do you spot her? Well, if you have a friend who keeps telling you stories of everybody else, chances are that she’s telling everybody else stories about you!

The trickiest friendly foes are those who you only discover when a crisis occurs. They’re the friends who are by your side through all the good, but the minute you go through something bad, they’re quick to drop you like a hat. Unfortunately the only time you discover the truth is after the crisis has occurred- and then you have to deal with the additional ordeal of your friends betrayal. The silver lining is, however, that through the crisis you get to see who your true friends are, and that is a gift indeed.

True friends are the ones who keep us going. They support us, encourage us and lend a hand when we need it most. They may not be the most popular, beautiful, or rich; but they’re loyal and trustworthy and will support you no matter what.

Take a look at all your friends. Are they friendly friends or friendly foes? Will they be by your side when the ride gets bumpy, or will they be quick to jump ship? Will they give you good advice and lend you their shoulder to cry on, or will they relish gossiping about your problems?
Friends can make all the difference. So in this journey that we call life, make sure you’ve chosen the right companions.

Got more examples of friendly foes or friendly friends, hit the comments below!


  1. As I got older I realized "friends" also seem to be your friend so that they can compete with you. I noticed if I buy something and they see it they will go out and buy the same thing, or if I go to a certain place for holiday they go thre to n do the exact same things that I did.i'ts annoying, n those r the type of friends u dnt need

  2. I remember an incident back in high school when one of my friends had to make it a point to let me know that while our teacher had kept her project and displayed it in the classroom- she had disposed of mine. I didn't really care about the project- but i did care that my friend came to proudly announce it. To be fair though, i must have been and irritating over-achiever and, for once, she just wanted to one-up me! I guess that's friends though- we all have our moments right!


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