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If you managed to stumble across this blog thinking that its about fashion and beauty, well im sorry to say that you've come to the wrong place. I don't even know enough about those subjects to fill a page, let alone a blog. My idea of good shoes is takkies and I use a hair straightener that i bought from Hyperama (GH what???) Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against fashion and products- I'm just a plain Jane- that's who I am!

So when I think of a make-over, i think of making over my soul, I think of making over my character and i think of making over my manners. I want to to be a better person, and this is the difficult task that i have made a personal mission.
So instead of having girl talk that revolves around hair, shoes, shopping and clothes, i want to engage in girl talk that revolves around character and moral fibre. Because we are, after all, more than our appearance. And maybe, in talking about our experiences and our lives as muslimahs, we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, each other, and our deen; and continue on the road to becoming more faithful servants and better people. Insha-Allah Ameen

I make no claims to be better than any of you, and if I give advice its simply advice from one sister to another and NOT from an expert! I think that we are all constantly in the process of changing. I want to share my change with you, and I want you to share your change with me.

This is girl talk 786, we begin with the name of Allah and in so doing, insha-Allah, we will always remember Allah. Ameen

"You should thus strive to become like one who doggedly keeps on working for the cause of Allah. You may not necessarily read details of him in newspaper columns, nor does he appear on television screens, nor does he win applause by making beautiful speeches in large gatherings and commendations for writing good pieces. He is not plagued by doubts. He does not waver in the face of defeat and failure. He does not calculate the chances of success but he knows very well that the only chance of success for him is to do his duty, and to do it to the best of his ability. He is the backbone of the Islamic work and the Muslim Umma."
Khurram Murad
In the early hours
Reflections on Spiritual and self development (Page 76)

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