February 20, 2010

What's going on with this blog?

For any of those who have been visiting the blog lately, you will have noticed that some changes have been made to the template. Well, what can i say- I'm at it again. Due to my slightly obsessive compulsive nature- I decided that the old look of the blog (which was new a couple of days ago) was...well... untidy. I need everything to be neat and tidy, and on its place. The previous template, while i thought it was all bright and cheery, just turned out to be too messy.

So why am i explaining all of this to you? well, because if you're here again then I assume that you actually like this blog and would have noticed all the changes. It can be disconcerting- what with finding a new look every week; so i thought I'd explain it to you, and assure you that the new look and template (the one i just added right now) is here to stay.

I tried to get a template for girl talk 786 that reflected its personality and aims- but whatever i found just didn't seem to fit. So now, i decided to stick with a look that reflects me and my personality. I chose what I like, and i hope you guys like it too. Now I know that you're probably sitting and saying: "Well who cares?" You're right, There is probably nobody who cares about the fact that I keep chopping and changing the templates of girl talk... But on the off chance that you do care, and on the off chance that you were thinking: "Wow this chick is such a scatter brain!" Well, now that I've clarified it- I hope you understand!

Hope you guys enjoy the new look. Hope you enjoy the blog. Hope you remain supporters, read and reflect on the posts, and comment when you feel like it. Hope you enjoy your weekend too.

I leave you in peace, and hope to find you again in peace.

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