June 29, 2010

Run away!

I wonder... is it just a girl thing to stick our noses in problems that just simply do not belong to us? I mean, what is it with us? Take me for example, I'm going happily along my way, minding my own happy business when I (as in my stupid half) decide that I must go and intervene in someone else's problems! Why? Because I feel that I'm level- headed and can actually make a difference? Or is it becasue I'm nosy and I just like getting involved...? And then, while I was on my own merry way before, I now suddenly become involved in an entangling drama. The worst part is that I'll be the first one to complain when there's too much drama in my life! Eish!

So I'm learning my lesson for once and for all. The next time there's something going on that doesn't concern me, I'm not just walking away... I'm running... like really really fast! Why cause unnecessary drama to your own life? It just doesn't make any sense.

Most of us are probably guilty of this too. When we walk midway into a conversation between others, we always have to ask: "What are you talking about? What's going on?" Chances are that it probably doesn't concern us... so why get involved right?
Didn't the Prophet (S.A.W) say something to the effect that the beauty of a man's imaan is to leave what doesn't concern him? hmm... that gets you thinking right?

So from now on I'm going to try my hardest to be as 'uninvolved' as possible. I can already imagine what a peaceful life I'll have if, amidst all the drama drama drama, I simply walk away...!

June 24, 2010

June 21, 2010

Special you...

What is it about us girls that makes us think that our value should be weighed according to the opinion of others? You know what I'm talking about right?
When I was in high school I had a friend who constantly complained that she was ugly. The crazy thing was that she was really quite pretty. OK, so she was no supermodel, but she definitely wasn't ugly! You wanna know why she thought she was ugly, well it was just because the boys never liked her.
Now I know that in high school its natural to weigh your beauty according to how many guys like you, but now that I'm older (and hopefully wiser) I just don't see the sense in it. Let me tell you why:

1. Boys like girls for many different reasons. they're also known to like the ones that are 'easy'. That doesn't make those girls any prettier, does it?
2. Most High school boys couldn't tell a good quality girl from a stinky sock. Lets face it, most of them are really stupid!
3. High school girls are really stupid to assume that just because someone never noticed their beauty, it means that there is no beauty at all. We all have our own unique qualities that make us special and wonderful. How well can the guys really know us after 5 seconds of checking us out???

You see we shouldn't give others the power to influence our perception of ourselves. Ok, so sure sometimes we may need people's criticism to help us become better people. But we cant let peoples opinions of us shape our own opinions of ourselves. If we do then we will so easily be broken when others try to break us. And we will be constantly seeking the approval of others, to make us feel better about ourselves.

I'm writing this because I'm sitting here and thinking about a relative who's having problems with her teenage daughter. As I consider the impact of  a guy on the mind of a young woman, I feel truly sorry for all those young girls who lack self esteem, and who so desperately cling to the attention that they get from a guy- attention that makes them feel so good about themselves. So to all you young girls out there, I beg you to be strong. This attention is an addictive drug. Don't get addicted! Understand well that you have special qualities, and that you don't need anyone to make you realize that!

June 17, 2010

Girl Talk changes

Let's face it ok, we're all girls here. Every now and again we need a little change. Whether its a new shade of lipstick, a new hairdo, a new type of hijaab, or some new clothes- we reach a point where we're begging for change.

So, in the same fashion, this is what's going on here. Girl Talk has gone on a shopping spree and has emerged (in true 'Pretty Woman' style), with some new clothes. The posts are still the same, the blog is still the same, it just has a brand new look (again!)

Ok, so not everything is the same. In an attempt to provide some interesting reading material, I've added a new page. This page, aptly entitled 'interesting reads' can be found on the right side at the very top of this page.
'Interesting reads' will display not just interesting articles that I've come across, but also discussions of books (or any other reading material) that I think you would find enjoyable. Sound good?

So sit back, relax and return for some more good reads, insha Allah!

P.S. If you happen to think that Girl Talk 786 could do with some more changes (like focusing on specific content or adding something else that'll make it better) please feel free to let me know.

June 10, 2010

June 9, 2010

You can do anything

I spent the morning painting- the walls, not canvas. And well, what do you know- I actually managed to do it. Ok so that sounds really silly, let me explain!

When I was younger, and actually wanted to join in on the painting and fixing that my elder siblings were doing- I was simply told that painting was too hard. "Well, it doesn't look to difficult" I would protest, but they would simply reply that painting was indeed more complex and tougher than I could imagine.
Fine, that was that. I closed myself off to the idea that I could ever do it.

So when my younger brother begged me to help him paint, I instantly told him that I couldn't. "I don't know how to paint", I told him- "I'll mess up all the walls."
He argued that painting was easy and that I would be able to do it. He argued so hard and so much that I decided to give in and go and try it out.
That's when I was pleasantly surprised- it turned out to be not- so- difficult after all! In fact, despite my lack of painting skills, the room really looks nice!

You see sometimes in life people scare you without even realising it. In this case my siblings were all probably right- I probably was too young too paint! But, inadvertently even, my mind somehow started believing that I could never ever do it- even though I was now far older.

That's the thing about life, that's the thing about us all. There are so many things that we all think we just can't do. But if there's another human like us out there who can do it- then why can't we? We are all capable of doing anything that we want to. But we tell ourselves constantly that we can't. We can't run marathons, we can't do so well, we can't learn quraan, we can't write books. The list goes on and on.
So let me ask you now! Why can't we?
If we open up our minds to the possibility that we could achieve what we want, we might just to discover that the thing we always thought we could never do, actually turns out to be something attainable and enjoyable...

June 2, 2010


You know that old saying: 'cant live with them, cant live without them', well I don't know what it originally applied to- but it really rings true when it comes to sisters. You really cant live with them or without them! Sheesh...what can we do right?

I mean amidst cat fights, screaming tantrums, tears and continuous arguments (all that you could really do without) you have to admit that at some point or another, we all need our sisters. And well, because we need them- we have to sometimes stop ourselves from tipping them over board! :)

The only ones who can truly appreciate the value of sisterhood; the comfort in knowing that you always have someone to talk to, to fight with and to get advice from, are those who don't have sisters. They are the ones who feel the slight stab of loneliness and wish that they had a sister by their side to share their lives with.

So yes, while I know that they sometimes make you want to pull your hair out or scream crazy blue murder- we really shouldn't take them for granted, and we really should appreciate them. Because despite their flaws and despite their irritations, they really are quite irreplaceable.

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