August 29, 2010

Important message

Assalamu Alaikum fellow bloggers and blog lovers.

This blog is officially on leave, due to its author being gone for Umrah.
Stick around, read the older posts and be sure to return for newer ones in a few weeks time. Insha Allah

Take care all...
Assalamu Alaikum

August 21, 2010

Ramadan Daze...

Pheew! The day is finally over...

Today my sometimes-peace was interrupted when we decided to invite all the kids (my nieces and nephews) over for Iftaar (breaking fast). What joy they all had when they saw their plates stacked with all the little treats, and filled their tummies with all the little goodies. Aah, children are so easy to please... :)

I dont know if its like this for all families, but somehow the month of Ramadan always comes along with a side dish of nostalgia. Somehow in this month, you miss all your loved ones so much more. Somehow you yearn for the deceased so much more, and somehow you find yourself reminiscing over all those fond childhood Ramadan memories.

The month of Ramadan seems to put everyone in a special kind of daze, a Ramadan Daze. All around you you see hijaabis. (much more than usual); neighbours are extra kind- sharing wonderful home made treats, and children are patiently counting down the minutes and hours. Best of all, however, is the sudden importance that everybody pays to the most beautiful and Noble Quraan. Now, whereas it has stood unopened throughout the year, everybody tries so hard to complete it at least one time. Nobody is shy to proclaim that they are too busy to do other (less important) things due to their recitation of the Noble Quraan. Aah, if only every month were like this...

This is Ramadan. This is the wonderful month that unites us all as muslims. This is the wonderful month that exalts us, that urges us to become better muslims and better people. This is the wonderful month that was fortunate enough to receive the honour in being the month in which the Noble Quraan was revealed. And so im left, awe- inspired and fascinated at the effect that this month has on us all; and on the Ramadan daze that we all inevitable go through...

August 11, 2010

Its here!

It's past 10 pm and the first night of Tarweeh is over... yip... Ramadan is officially here!

A few hours ago we stood in the lounge checking out the moon. I had just finished reading Magrib salaah when my Aunty phoned. "Did you see the moon?" she said, squealing with delight. So I quickly went to see for myself. And there, in the dusky night sky was the new moon!  My mother and aunty proceeded to make duas about Allah giving us the best of this month, and then my Aunty said something that still resonates in my mind. She said "Aren't we just so blessed to be Muslims?"  Well, we really really are! Aren't we?

The fact that we've lived for yet another year, and are so fortunate to be witnessing another Ramdaan, well thats just a favour from Allah (SWT). Had we not been around now, we wouldn't be able to take all the benefits from this truly special month. And each year that we live to see yet another Ramadan... well that's just blessings upon blessings... insha Allah!

May Allah (SWT) enable us to make the very best use of this month, and further enable us to use it in seeking to get closer to Him, the Most High.
Insha Allah Ameen...

Now go get some sleep... sehri is just a few hours away!!!

August 7, 2010

Can you feel it...?

Can you feel it?
can you hear it?

I can sense it
Its in the air
It's everywhere...

The time is near
Its almost here...

So can you feel it?

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