February 2, 2010

Vampire Crazy!!!

Can somebody please explain the whole Vampire craze to me??? Please!!! Ok, sure- i know that i should be the last one to talk, what with being a self-proclaimed Buffy addict and all, but seriously Buffy the Vampire Slayer was actually good! And it really wasn't as crazy as the crap that's out these days! But somehow still the Vampire craze is at it again and I really really don't get it. Whats the charm with Vampires anyway? They dead? They cold? They drink blood. And can they really be all that much more handsome than ordinary guys?
We must be living in a really sick world if the only way to snag your dream man is to let him kill you - and then live the rest of eternity amongst the undead eating and drinking animals! Eew!!! At least Buffy never even contemplated becoming a vampire to live in 'undead' bliss with Angel- it never even struck her mind. They wanna call themselves liberated and yet they give us a character like Bella Swan. Gosh, she's gotta be the worst protagonist ever.(I'm talking of all 4 books here so for those who are enjoying the movies, the following contains spoilers). Lets recap the character of Bella Swan and all her 'Liberated' goodness:
  1. Her whole world comes to a halt the minute she meets Edward.
  2. She basically gives up all her friends and immerses herself in his life (Ok fine, we'll let this one slide since she wasn't really that good friends with them anyway.)
  3. When he leaves she totally and completely falls to pieces and the only time she starts recovering is when she becomes friends with Jacob (another guy!!!)
  4. She risks her life on numerous occasions just so that she can get a glimpse (yeah, how dumb was that too!) of Edward.
  5. She continuously begs him to make her a vampire so than she can live happily ever after with him. Oh, and here's what that would entail:
-she will have to die (of course).
-the death and transformation will be a seriously painful ordeal.
-the transformation, for a duration of time, will make her like an animal, unable to control herself and she will, if let loose (a great possibility because she'll be stronger than any other vampire) be a danger to humanity.
-since this is all a secret she will not be able to see her friends or family again (poor parents, imagin what an ordeal!).
-she will have no taste for food! (Particularly horrendous for me-I would never choose a guy over chocolate!!!
Oh, and why she is doing all this again? Not for some greater good? Not for some meaningful purpose? Not for an All- Powerful Creator. Nope, just for a guy!!!
                                     Oh, yeah- and we're the opressed ones...

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