November 12, 2010

Will the lessons ever stop!!!?

Yesterday happened to be one of those days...
I did one of those stupid things that give women a bad name (though I'm sure men do it to!)
I locked the keys in the car!!! I know, I know.... but these things happen ever so often right!? Anyway, from that silly incident I happened to learn some profound lessons, and so I thought I'd share them with you:

People are essentially kind: As I sat and waited for my bro to bring the spare keys, so many people stopped to help. From the shopping centre security guys to the ordinary passer by- all of them tried, in their own way, to help me (an absolutely complete stranger!!!). Now I know we can sometimes tend to get this negative view of people... but well, yesterday restored my faith in people. The world is not as crazy and sick as the news makes it seem... there are actually decent people out there!!!

Time is never wasted: In the time I waited I made valuable use of my time by reciting durood. Then how can we ever be at a loss right??? I sat there thinking that it didn't matter how long I had to wait... with durood on my tongue my seemingly wasted time could be transformed into a beautiful act that I wouldn't have otherwise done! Its all about perspective, right???

We need to walk a mile in others shoes: One of the guys who stopped to help was a sweet oldish guy. he chatted about how he was into cars (and the motor industry) in his younger days. He was the friendliest guy of all. And then, when he explained it, it all made perfect sense! He said that he was stranded one day for hours... and nobody came to his aid. He waited for soo long and nobody even bothered to offer him a ride home. That's when I realised that he was trying to offer so much help, simply because he knew how it felt! And that's when I realised that the world would be soo much better if we just walked a mile in each others shoes!!!

Only Allah can help you: As I sat there waiting I realised that it is only Allah (swt) who can help save you from inconveniences of life. How many times do we simply just get into our cars, without realizing that anything could go wrong? How many things do we take for granted each day? We get into this thinking mode where we assume that life just goes on, and all is generally supposed to be normal- so we forget to appreciate when things go smoothly!
Yet how many time were we locked out of the car or house? How many times did we get into accidents? How many times were we delayed in cues? How many times did we just have a really crappy day?
So as I sat there I thought, when all goes smoothly and well, we really mustn't forget to thank Allah (who has willed it so!) Alhamdulillah.

No one can save you: added to that too is the fact that nothing can save you. No matter how rich you are, how beautiful, how famous- nobody (except Allah) can save you from these minor inconveniences, form these little time consuming things that can really kill your day!
So well, I guess we should remember this and begin each day by asking Allah (swt) for blessings for our time, and our day!

And lastly, I my suspicions were confirmed once again... It is all about the attitude! When things go wrong you have two options: you can either make a fuss or cry, or you can have a good laugh and kick your problem in its face! Either way, your attitude determines everything!!!

So here's hoping you all have a wonderful issue-free Jumu'ah Day! (Ameen)


  1. Mashallah! So much to learn from locking your keys in the car. Normally, I would just be annoyed and ungrateful and think "why did this happen to me?" but mashallah, you are so good to learn all these lessons. May Allah reward you. Inshallah I hope I can become more positive and think like this also.

  2. Believe me, when you got lotsa time to kill... your mind can easily go into overtime.

  3. I think there is a lesson in almost anything you do. The trick is to be wise enough to determine what it is. I think in this case the lesson is that women should not be allowed to drive. They should remain in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

  4. Wow... Are you actually serious (and bold enough) to leave a comment like this on a female's blog?...
    I think you probably just want a reaction... bored much...?
    And b.t.w. I have it on very good authority that stuff like this happens to men ALL THE TIME!

  5. Actually, I'm not serious because I know that women can do a lot of things. I can count all of them on one hand. I'm sure the good authority must be people in your family, so I gues that doesn't really count does it. And, fyi, I don't want a reaction just making a statement and voicing my opinion. Is that allowed on your blog or should I just be moving along? If you respond then I guess you wnt me to stay, otherwise, enjoy what you do and I'll vanish into thin air...p.s. I am very bored, so bored I created this blog...Oh sorry, that would be you. :-)


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