February 16, 2010

Who are we really?

Ask yourself this question: Who am I?
Who are you really? I don't mean who your friends think you are. and i definitely don't mean who your parents think you are. Rather who are you, to you...? What is your essence? What are you made of?

I struggled with this when I was growing up.I was lost and confused, trying to figure myself out but at the same time unaware of it. Does this make any sense? To my friends i was the version of me that i thought they wanted. So even though i had an introverted nature; their version of me was that i was loud, friendly and sociable- so to them this is who I was. To my parents i was a quiet, obedient child who did her own thing and never got into trouble- so to them this is who i was. What i really was (what i came to discover only later in life) was that i was a mixture of all of this and so much more. But because everybody fitted me into a mould of what made sense to them, that's what i did to myself too. I didn't even realise how unfair i was being to myself and to others who cared, closing myself off and categorising myself into little boxes.

So now that i know who I am, and now that I understand that i am different aspects of so many things, its easy for me to look back and understand that i really never knew who i was.

So I'm asking you now. who are you? who are you really? take a moment and think about it. I know that you'll never really fully know it because we learn new things about ourselves constantly- but try to figure out who you are now, and don't be afraid to let others figure it out too. Real friends will always stick by you- no matter what differences you may have. Allah (SWT) created us all differently. What gives anyone the right to claim superiority? Human beings should be celebrated for all of their intricate differences. (who wants a whole world of the same kind people anyway?) Figure out who you are; figure out what you're made of and then, when you do, dont be afraid to shine!

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