January 25, 2010

Greet those you know and those you don't

OK, so this is getting pretty funny. So i was shopping yesterday when i came across a Muslim woman. Now I've been on this mission lately to incorporate greeting strangers into my life. I have decided that when i see a Muslim woman that i will try to make it a point to bid her a warm 'assalamu-alaikum'. Ive started doing it too and let me tell you, it feels pretty good. So anyway, yesterday when i saw this woman i smiled at her and then proceeded to greet her. She returned the greeting and then asked me: "Hows your mother?" i must have looked baffled because she then asked me if i knew who she was and then realized that she had actually made a mistake and i was not the person that she was thinking of. So here's the question right, do we live in  a world where if you greet strangers they automatically assume that they know you from somewhere??? OK, to be fair, I must have looked like the person she was thinking of since that's what she said to me when she realized her mistake. But you know what, its happened before. Yip, on another occasion when i greeted another woman she flat out asked me if i was friends of her children- automatically assuming that for me to greet her i must have known her. The worst part is that we are all guilty of it. We have forgotten the advice of our Prophet (S.A.W) to greet those we know AND those we don't- so much so that when you greet strangers, they think you know them! Beyond the laughter (well i find it funny when people try to figure out who I am every time i greet them) I think its really very sad. Greeting brings about unity and love for your fellow sisters. And conveying salaams is not just mere words, but rather a beautiful dua that you wish upon your fellow Muslims. So lets all make a resolution to be more friendly to our Muslim sisters and to greet them every time we can- you'll see what a difference it makes!

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