January 6, 2010

Love and Marriage

We live in a world and a society that demands that we get married, and get married young. As women, the older we get, the more undesirable we become. But what of those who cannot get married, what of those who do not have anyone to marry?

It has become embarassing to admit that we do indeed want to marry because, should we be unable to find a suitable man, we would be left feeling rejected. The truth, however, is that everybody wants to get married. At some point everybody wants to settle down with a partner who they can share their lives with. So we shouldn't feel embarassed to proudly proclaim that we do indeed want marriage because after all, marriage IS half of our faith.

We shouldn't keep making excuses 'I'm studying', 'I'm working', 'I'm looking for mr Right', but should rather be open and honest and approach marriage in a wise and thoughtful manner. Forget Prince Charming and everlasting love, it doesn't exist. Instead let's approach marriage as if we were approaching a job: Is it right for me? Is it a good fit? Is it what I'm looking for? Let's ask the right questions and search for the right and best qualities. Easier said than done, I know, I'm on the same road sisters. But let's be a little wiser and try a little harder. Maybe it will make a difference...

1 comment:

  1. Khadeeja i agree. I just got married n u really need to accept u wont get exactly what u want. Just make dua he accepts u for who u are. Thats VERY important!


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