January 9, 2010

Its hard to say I'm sorry

Ever noticed how difficult it is to say "Im sorry". Two little words, you'd think it would be sooo easy. Now hurting people, thats easy. Saying whats on your mind, offending others, gossiping- it seems like it all comes so naturally. Then when you have to say you sorry, its like the hardest thing in the world.

I recently decided to embark on a journey of repentence, trying to seek the forgiveness of those that i thought i might have hurt in the past. The coward in me took the easy way out, sending an email instead of actual confrontation, but after gaining their forgiveness, i felt truly renewed.There's nothing like a good dose of forgiveness and acceptance of the past...

Try it yourself. Apologise, make amends and then see how good you feel.


  1. This is so true. Both parties always feel better after saying sorry. Before i got married (9months ago) very unexpectedly might i add. I promised myself i'd make a concerted effort to say sorry when need be and not be stubborn. Alhumdulilah its been easy to say sorry. But now i hav a question.what happens when sorry does not make u feel any better?When it has become a clinchè... Sister Lubnaa

  2. The thing with saying sorry is that it takes a lot of humility. And its really not easy!!! Yes, after just saying it for the sake of saying it- it can very well just become a cliche, but it still takes strength to say it. Like say I'm fighting with my sister ok. she keeps telling me a bunch of stuff i did and i just say 'ja, ok- sorry!' in this case i probably don't really mean it, I'm just saying it to get her off my back right? But at the same time, it takes strength for me to, instead of arguing back, just say sorry. It takes even more strength and humility to say sorry when you don't mean it and when you actually think that you're the right one. Even if you say sorry to your husband just to get him to stop arguing- you should still feel glad simply because you letting go of your opinion and trying to prevent an argument. I don't know, am i right here? weigh in people, let us know your thoughts...

  3. If sorry seems cliche, try to do something that shows u mean it. But if something is bugging n u dont have the guts to say so for fear of the situation getting worse

  4. Sorry i meant to say , what if something is bugging u n u are afraid things will get worse if u make a confrontation?

  5. Sometimes when there's a confrontation, things do actually get worse. You know how many times I've been stupid enough to open my mouth because something was bugging me, only to regret it later.Sometimes people are irrational and emotional, and talking about things doesn't really help. I've come to learn that at times like those its best to just keep quiet and make dua. I mean really, if you turn to Allah and beg Allah (SWT) to help you, if you know sincerely that you will let go of your own feelings just to prevent an argument, then do you really think that Allah will ignore you? Also, if its really something that needs to be said, try approaching the subject when everybody has calmed down. Then they're likely to be more rational and logical about the subject. And always always watch your tone. When we're emotional, the response will be emotional too. If we approach things in a calm manner- like we debating it, then the result will be much better.
    As usual, this subject is open for discussion- since i don't claim to know much of anything!I think i just have lots of experience in arguing :)

  6. Thanks, thats true. Its jus that avoidin a conflict n the problems that can result sometimes means feelings have to stay inside u n they sometimes eat at u


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