December 24, 2009

Freedom and Opression

Will anybody listen? We are not oppressed!

Listen to me! Look at me. I have a voice! I have knowledge and i have free will! Different muslim women choose to dress in different ways, i have chosen my preferred method. This is my choice, not enforced on me by any!
How can they say that I am oppressed? I am free...
Free from their little world of beauty, fashion and trends; free from their world of self-gratification and greed.
I am free from the unwanted stares of lusting men and hungry predators. I want to be judged for who I am and NOT how I look!

But nobody will listen because they have an agenda. They want the world to see us as oppressed.

In the meantime they have deluded others into thinking they are free. They have spread propoganda and lies and have enforced their ideals of freedom, beauty, identity and truth on anyone who is willing to believe it.

View the world with eyes wide open.
Dont listen to the blind hatred of vindictive propagandists who tell you what WE are, rather listen to US when we say that we are happy, we are proud and we are free...

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