December 21, 2009

Hollywwod chick flicks are getting crazier and crazier...

Honestly folks, movies today is like a lesson in gullibility. The storylines get more and more unbelievable!!!

Ok, so before I used to complain about the impossibility of certain things occurring. Like seriously, is it realistic that in one cathartic moment the protagonist can suddenly realise that he’s been in love all along but just failed to notice it before. And what about all those end scenes when the main character chases after the one they love...really, has anyone actually ever seen that happen.

But these days those scenarios kind of seem believable due to the weird plotlines that have emerged. Its like the Hollywood guys sit and say “Hmm, a romance is not enough- we need a crazy plot too!!!”

Like the latest romance movie that managed to get me. Ok, so the movie was actually fine and the romance plotline was actually sweet but that’s all provided that you can get past the fact that ghosts come to visit the protagonist to show him the error of his ways, and who he truly loves. Ghosts!!! Seriously... I mean really, when the writers are busy writing, I wonder if they stop and consider how crazy their plot really is or if they just say: “Hmph, pretty guy, pretty girl, pretty romance- this will work.” It gets worse too. Like a post-box that delivers letters to 2 people who live in different years, or a guy who comes from the past through some hole and falls in love with a girl in the modern world. It makes you wonder whether they running out of realistic storylines. I guess that’s why they call it mindless escapism though, coz that what it is- mindless!

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