August 11, 2010

Its here!

It's past 10 pm and the first night of Tarweeh is over... yip... Ramadan is officially here!

A few hours ago we stood in the lounge checking out the moon. I had just finished reading Magrib salaah when my Aunty phoned. "Did you see the moon?" she said, squealing with delight. So I quickly went to see for myself. And there, in the dusky night sky was the new moon!  My mother and aunty proceeded to make duas about Allah giving us the best of this month, and then my Aunty said something that still resonates in my mind. She said "Aren't we just so blessed to be Muslims?"  Well, we really really are! Aren't we?

The fact that we've lived for yet another year, and are so fortunate to be witnessing another Ramdaan, well thats just a favour from Allah (SWT). Had we not been around now, we wouldn't be able to take all the benefits from this truly special month. And each year that we live to see yet another Ramadan... well that's just blessings upon blessings... insha Allah!

May Allah (SWT) enable us to make the very best use of this month, and further enable us to use it in seeking to get closer to Him, the Most High.
Insha Allah Ameen...

Now go get some sleep... sehri is just a few hours away!!!

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  1. Ramadan Kareem sister :) mashallah, your blog is nice and cosy

    feel free to check out my blog:

    love and peace


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